1. how soon before this turbo strategy is turned into app?? Willing to buy ASAP just bought the Binary Stoch App

  2. I tried trading OTC with your strategy. I didnt even win one trade and thats simply because there was high volatility. But then thats just the thing with OTC, its like theres always high volatility most of the time. Anyway no more OTC for me. Your strategy is good though.

  3. Bro is the trend matter using this turbo strategy?? Your trade seems into good profitable trade without following trend. Let us know if we should follow with the trend on your next video.

  4. OTC is crazy on weekends I will take 1 dollar from my weekly profit and trade and If I win I will keep doubling it never cross 5 trades and you will be fine

  5. This is the video that has me solved a lot of questions, thank you!!!! Looking forward for your next video with the extra indicator (maybe estochastic?), thanks again!!!

  6. sorry for newbie question, but why your moving average indicator in video shows as LMA and not EMA as i find in pocket option? Thanks for video.

  7. The strategy is
    ¹) EMA 8✅
    ²) EMA 60✅

    3) ¿how many minutes for the candles ❓

    ⁴) ¿how many minutes after moving avg crossOver ❓

    ⁵) ¿indicate when is good entry point after cross 2, 3rd candle ❓

    ⁶) ¿is ok to enter even though is not over bought or overSold ❓

  8. Hi would you provide your uid for pocket option so we can copy your trades on social trading. Like you can charge us a amount of money if you don’t wanna do it for free but It would help me to trade a lot.

  9. hi cris.. can you do challenge beginning with 10$ to 1000$ with strategy please…

  10. Our target should be 10% of our deposit can u pls tell us what should be trade amount if we deposit 100 $

  11. Does this strategy work with 5 Minutes candles, 15 Minutes expiry? Thanks Lester 👍

  12. Yes bro Im agree with you
    Ur strategy is so Awesome 🔥🔥🔥
    All the best sir

  13. I dont know in how many time you make the trade time 1 mins or 3mins?

  14. Hello Lester and thank you so much, please Im trying to buy stoch app but I only have a debit card and not a credit card, if you can consider accepting debit card as well.

  15. Please dont trade the OTC market Im begging. You will lose all your money. Please dont do it.

  16. Hi Lester great strategy, i love it i cant wait to you it to work. Can you make a video on how to withdraw your profits.? Thanks in advance, and God bless

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