Kehilangan flat pada opsi biner

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Jangan buru-buru beralih ke akun nyata. Broker besar menawarkan bahan gratis yang dapat digunakan pedagang ketika mengembangkan strategi. Opsi biner – mungkinkah menghasilkan uang darinya Perkembangan pasar keuangan di dunia mengambil langkah besar, teknologi, tentu saja, juga tidak tinggal diam. Pandangan klasik turunan, yang melibatkan persiapan perkiraan, di mana harga akan setelah interval waktu tertentu: di atas atau di bawah level saat ini.

Penasihat, yang juga dipanggil, akan memantau perubahan dalam kuotasi, menganalisis situasi, dan kemudian membuka dan menutup kesepakatan. Mereka menumpulkan pedagang dan tidak memberinya pengembangan lebih lanjut.

Downtrend – jual. Metode MA, pilih Eksponensial, “Berlaku untuk Perlu untuk berdagang secara eksklusif di broker, itu pada platformnya semua tes terjadi. Kolega tertawa: “Man, apakah kamu benar-benar percaya pada prasangka seperti itu?! Broker besar menawarkan bahan gratis yang dapat digunakan pedagang ketika mengembangkan strategi. Keramahan pengguna sangat penting karena bisa membuat hidup Anda sebagai trader newbie sangat mudah.

Kehilangan flat pada opsi biner konsolidasi cukup lama, setidaknya ada 5 jam. Indikator dan penasihat akan membantu Anda membuat keputusan lebih cepat. Jika Anda membuka opsi, akurat mengikuti kehilangan flat pada opsi biner aturan, maka kemungkinan kesuksesan akan maksimal.

Cobalah, seperti yang Anda tahu: Siapa yang tidak mengambil risiko, ia tidak mendapat hasil di bursa : Langkah 1.

Dilarang di Indonesia, ini seluk beluk soal trading binary option

Lihat artikel “” untuk detailnya. Saya memberi tahu kami hari ini tentang satu strategi perdagangan BO yang menarik, yang dengan benar menggunakannya, Anda dapat mencapai kesuksesan yang signifikan.

Opsi dibeli tiga dengan ketentuan kedaluwarsa 1 jam, 2 jam dan 3 jam. Jika harga pasangan mata uang cocok untuk baris ini, aturan berfungsi terlepas dari apakah Anda menggambar garis atau 3 tahun yang lalu. Jika rata-rata bergerak normal menghitung nilai harga rata-rata untuk periode tertentu, maka SLMA melakukan kehilangan flat pada opsi biner lain..


  1. please help i need to find out how to add time expiration i dont have it on my iq setup

  2. Bro I just want to thank you for coming up with such a perfect strategy. I’m making so much money of this strategy 💙 🙏🏾

    1. Haha, fake comment.

      I have tested this strategy and does not give even 60% accuracy. Takes too long for entries too.

  3. when he said, some people quit their jobs,
    i literally put down my coffee and increased the volume to full.😚

    1. hahaa😆😄 , actualy am going to test this for a month and come back here with results

  4. is there any signs to look at to see whether or not to call or put with 100% accuracy, at times when the blues crosses from above, it ends up being a call instead, and the opposite too. I just started with learning how to trade on IQ Option with a demo, trying to master this strategy. Or does is it sometimes just based on luck?

  5. Wow que bueno eres para trading una pregunta tienes cursos en español megustaria aprender del mejor y para mi tu eres!!👌

  6. Hey there! SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON 👍👍👍!! For those wondering why I dont reply comments, I want you to know that I see over 200 per day so I would have to stop making videos and answer comments lol but please dont take it personal or rude 😊 I always read your comments and then make videos based on the most common questions. I recommend you to look into my channel the name of the topic you are looking for as I am sure the majority of questions are answered in many of my videos! Cheers

  7. My iq options only has 1 5 and 15 expiry how can apply this and can this be use on digital options

    1. Hi there, its because of the pairs. Turbo trades are only opened at certain times

  8. Hi at what stage does one click on the expiry time? For example, right when the 2 lines cross, do l watch my clock, wait for it to be at 9:22, 9:24, 9:26 click on expiry time, then proceed to buy or sell. This is confusing to me, l aplogize and lm learning. Im using pocket options, iq options is no available for me.

    1. You click at the beginning of the first candle after the touch of the MA6 and MA14

  9. Are you in a US territory? I use Iq option in Brazil , but I am traveling to the US, will it work there ? Will I need to use VPN? Thanks

  10. Can i trade this strategy with out Macd? since pocketoption dont have that. Blw or other please answer?

  11. I always love you videos but for me it’s bad because I can’t use more than one indicators on my IPad or IPhone so sad for me.

  12. Im failing to set the strategy, as the way it is done your video bro

    1. Hi there, I have many other videos on the same strategy here so check them out:

  13. Hey, one question: how did you make a deposit in IQ Option from US?

    I’ve been trying to do that since a long time ago…

    1. You can make a deposit using your debit or credit card. But I’ll suggest you contact IQ option directly from the support chat on the IQ platform, reason been said that is because I tried depositing using perfect money but it did work but $ didn’t reflect in my IQ account so I had to contact them to get it fix. My suggestion is you contact them first so to be on a safer side.

  14. Thanks a lot bro.tired this strategy on my account and I can honestly say that it works great.

  15. Hello Chris, first I want to thank you for this strategy its so good, now I want to join in your channel signals but I need to pay with Skrill bank if you make many options for payment thats so cool, thanks allot for your help.

  16. i have a question, you can set the time frame in 30 min, 15 min, 5 min, 2 min, which one is the correct one

  17. Do you have online tutorial where i can learn the basics? I a very interested in this. thank you very much. or where can i contact you?

  18. Appreciated so much my friend, im making some good amount of money…hugs from Brazil!!!

    1. Hi so happy for you,Could you please let me know which broker do you work with?

  19. I just started trading options and came across your channel. Your 2 minute strategy is awesome and very accurate. I have to use it on a 1 minute timeframe chart though because my broker doesn’t allow 2 minute. I’m still practicing but do you know if this works well when looking at 1 minute charts?

    1. Hi Jordan, it actually works better in 5 minutes than 1 minute. Give it a try

  20. Are you going to update your 2 minutes indicator? thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Thanks sir i tried and its working with my IQ option demo account

  22. Knowledge is for sharing, thank you for sharing it for free. May God bless you richly. Please can this work on olymp trade?

  23. Are you referring to macD or moving averages when waiting for the blue/yellow line cross?

  24. Hi thank you bro for this awesome video, Could you please introduce some good broker because one person said that some brokers not good for binary option like Alpari?

  25. If you know how to read candlesticks you will be profitable with this

  26. You said avoid triple news I really want to know something about it plz anyone who can help

    1. take a look. The more bulls a new has, bigger the impact and volatility in the prices. Do not forget to set the time accurately to your time zone. Hope it is helpful

  27. what type of news are we meant to avoid and the things to avoid while using the strategy

    1. Check out for 3 bull news and avoid them like the plague.

  28. Come on , is there anyone who believes that can make money with this shit. I’m doing binary. 2 years now Profesionaly and I can quarantee that this does NOT work. You will loose money. Support and resistance levels is the most important if you wish to do something. Dont follow this stupid shit.

  29. Hiya, must the MACD cross before entering a trade? or as soon as both averages cross, we enter a trade

    1. I am also a begginer, but in a couple of videos I have seen of BLW Christian states that the MACD is a pre-comfirmation. In that order, to be more secure with your entries wait for the MACD crossing.

  30. Im testing pocket option and cant add more than one moving average. Am I missing something?

    1. Try double clicking to add each moving average, then go in and edit each. I saw this in another video.

    2. @BLW Online Trading turns out on the app I cant, but the website has that capability. I see in your video you used pocket option, do you use IQ option or tradingview seperately for more accurate trendlines or something? I could have sworn you were using pocket option in the video lol

    3. Not sure, I dont use the indicators in Pocket Option. I use either IQ Option or TradingView

  31. Thanks dear teacher. But I want to ask you, now I have an IQ Option account for Demo so I want to start Real money for $100 so how can I start and how can I put the money in my account although I am in Somali specially in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia?

  32. I would like to see you do a challenge where you grow your account from $100 to $5000 using the exact same strategy. I’m still a bit skeptical about the strategy

    1. with my practice account i made 10,000 to 11,808.7 in an hour with the same strategy. 😱

  33. I start playing expert option through their 10,000 free demo for a month now and my demo reach $455,000.00, my query is the way I play in demo still the same in real account games?

  34. I actually tried this strategy on tradingview and iq options itself and i could say that its legit. But always remember that always try to practice the indicator first before applying it to your real account.

  35. you the best man,i dont know how to thank u.u r a blessing,may god increase u.yr strategies are phenominal

  36. Can I use this 2 min strategy on Digital Option?
    Because I dont have the binary option at my iq option account.. 😅
    Thanks Christian…

  37. Hello, how can I set up a candle stick for 2 minutes on olymp trade please

    1. Hi there! all the details are explained in the video, if you have any problems with your account you should contact the the OlympTrade support team.

  38. Hi Chris…
    Does it work on olymp trade?
    Coz in olymptrade especially in Mobile app doesnt have 2 minutes chart…

  39. U made a video in 14 min . N you spoken 13 min in video .! I think you have a long tangue

  40. I tried to trade on several platforms, but stopped at Pocket Option, because they give bonuses and gifts. Money withdrawals were done within three days

  41. When you said wait for the blue line to cross over the yellow line to indicate a call or put we’re you talking about the moving averages or MacD

    1. hey, hes talking about moving averages. Im using pocket options and it works great!

    2. And can I use these indicators on TradingView because I am using pocket options

    1. Thnks man, Im practicing from my phone on the iq options app it only shows digital options in demo, is there a way to change to binary

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