Opsi biner 5 teratas

Broker Opsi Biner Terbaik – [Tingkat WIN 86% di Mei ] – Pelajari 2 Perdagangan

Jadi, bagaimana cara Anda memilih broker yang tepat? Deposito Satu hal yang perlu diselidiki adalah aturan seputar setoran minimum. Jika harga aset bergerak secara signifikan, nilai perdagangan dapat tumbuh sangat besar, sangat cepat – baik atau buruk.

Lisensi adalah salah satu faktor kunci untuk memeriksa pada perusahaan hukum. Untuk alasan ini, ketika mencari broker ideal Anda, pastikan Anda memeriksa apakah situs tertentu menawarkan penarikan tepat waktu. Penarikan cepat. Yang terpenting, jika Anda memperdagangkan opsi Amerika, Anda dapat keluar dari perdagangan kapan saja antara waktu Anda membayar premi, dan tanggal di mana opsi tersebut kedaluwarsa. Anda bisa bertaruh apa saja, mulai dari opsi biner 5 teratas gas alam, hingga harga saham Google.

Pertama, strategi mencegah emosi ikut campur dalam keputusan perdagangan. Demikian juga, jika harga turun ke nol, Anda hanya akan kehilangan apa yang Anda masukkan. Pedagang profesional mengetahui fakta ini dan mereka mengembangkan akun mereka secara terus menerus dan tidak dalam langkah besar. Kesimpulan Jawaban atas pertanyaan ini terletak pada kemampuan menarik uang Anda terlepas dari banyaknya penipu dan scammer dalam industri tersebut.

Anda juga bisa mendapatkan keuntungan dari bonus perdagangan, tip, strategi terbaik, dan ulasan sinyal opsi biner 5 teratas, ditambah akun demo latihan gratis. Itu selalu kesalahan yang sama mengapa pedagang kehilangan uang mereka ke pasar. Tidak diperlukan matematika dan kalkulator yang rumit. Didirikan pada tahun dan pada tahun telah mempunyai sekitar 30 juta trader aktif. Risiko tetap – Perdagangkan saham, emas, dan minyak mentah dan Anda memiliki banyak faktor yang harus dihadapi, mulai dari selip dan margin hingga peristiwa berita dan kutipan ulang harga.

Itu selalu bisa terjadi pada Anda karena pasar berbeda dan fleksibel dalam pergerakan harganya. Alat perdagangan terbatas – Sementara sebagian besar broker menawarkan kemampuan charting dan analisis yang canggih, alat perdagangan untuk pedagang biner opsi biner 5 teratas kali gagal.

Itu adalah saran untuk pemula atau pedagang tingkat opsi biner 5 teratas.


  1. The alligator lags wayyy too much she’s brave asf😂 her entries were triggering me 😭😂

  2. Looking to getting into looking into getting into options or where can I go to learn more

  3. Check out flamingofx let me know what you think about her trading education and her risk management

  4. The alligator isn’t sleeping. Sleeping is when it’s consolidating. When the lines cross in down trends, it’s hunting. When it’s crossing uptrend, it’s eating. I used it in my strategies

  5. I picked up on binary a lot easier, I just wish it was the same way for my forex journey lol. Id prefer to master forex though…

    1. Forex trading is also good but in terms of income. Investment is more convenient

  6. I have traded binary options in the past. It is a very fast way to make or lose money. It can be traded 24/7. I liked trading it during normal trading sessions. That way I could use the charts and certain indicators to predict what the market was doing and where it was headed. In my opinion, the alligator indicator is a good indicator but not for the binary market. Its a personal choice. Binary options can be very nerve racking. There are platforms that will give you longer trading periods instead of just a few minutes or so. Not really my cup of tea.

  7. I think when you place a trade it assumes 100% risk… if you lose a position then you lose the entire amount you put in if that makes sense

  8. I had just switched to looking at GBP/JPY right AFTER the big move happened XD. I just got into the book Naked Forex and I have been reconstructing my whole trading system from the ground up now. great work by the way!


    1. Haha there will be many more moves like that! Very nice, I wish you all the best☺️ thank you!

  9. I actually dislike Binary Options but because its Candice B talking about it, I would rather listen.

  10. chile this girl wanna boost bout making 10k in 5 mins but uu took a 17000 lost jus to get back UNDER where she started. if she wanna waste money she can go to the casino. lol this binary options seems like betting to me. and wat bothers me is that she didnt have a strategy AT ALL!!!! she should know using 1 indicator will not suffice, especially since they lag.

  11. I am in the U. S. Which classes or online school would you suggest for a beginner trader?

    1. There are a few traders who offer classes/mentorship. Cue Banks is one of them & he’s based in the US. Feel free to check him out☺️ (his IG is @cuebanks)

  12. Personally the R:R isnt cutting it for me with binary. Basically for every $1 you risk you make about 85cents. But hey ppl make money so i guess its good for them

    1. Yeahhhh that R:R doesn’t make sense for me either🧐 facts, to each their own!

  13. Hi Candice❤ Ive been wondering if this is a real thing also….Ive watched a few of her videos and im curious 🤔

    1. The green buttons means bid and the red means ask, when u enter a trade it takes 30 secs to 1mins to close if its buy and it remains above the bid price its profit and verse versa for sell

    2. yeah it’s real just when your trading with her strategies it’s a lot more to it then just what you see she’s been doing it for so long and it’s paying off for her

    3. Hey Ash! Yeah I guess because I’m so skeptical about binary options, I’m curious too🧐 but she seems really nice!

  14. I’ve been wanting u to react to her for so long lol yeah binary options is A NO for me too

    1. I feel you guys! It’s just the ‘alligator is sleeping’ phrase that made me chuckle hehe

    2. Thats actually how you use the indicator, When the lines are together with no momentum or sideways movement the alligator is sleeping. When momentum kicks in the lines starts to separate or widening the alligator is awake and eating. The gold is to trade in the direction of the momentum.

  15. $10k in 5 min but how much has she lost in 5 mins or longer in the past? People love to post their winnings but if they don’t show their losses, it’s all 🧢’n😂

    1. She has videos off her losing trades but she’s just not trading with the indicators she also trading with basic forex knowledge

    2. Yeah that’s how I feel too lol I haven’t watched her other videos though so maybe she shows her losing days🧐🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Also, her strategy is basically 5 min scalping. It’s market structure. So if you’re good at seeing Ms and Ws you’ll make a bag. The alligator strategy just puts those in perspective.

  17. Call option 5 min expiry: if in 5mins the price closed above entry price = win. Put option 5 min expiry: if in 5mins the price closed below entry price = win.

    Can it be done by new trader? Sure but what she is not showing is that shes using tech analysis to find key levels and trading the signals from the Alligator indicator from that information. Shes def not just trading every signal she sees (thats a sure way to blow an account!).

  18. Yeah I watched her all the time so calm and collective, making a of money on her trades with her strategy only to see that video where another youtuber talked about her and all her lies and losing people money. Dont get me wrong shes really nice but Damm I truly wanted to believe her😡

  19. Also Binary Options (in America!!!) are usually issued by the company that regulates Nadex and like Nadex which is located in Chicago ie the “Chicago mercantile x” ie they use Future lot orders as the catalyst. “Gold versus everybody” is the building blocks of how pairs are valued against each other. I need to make that into a shirt…

  20. Hey Candice Ive been wondering if you have any advice on they best way to go about doing taxes on forex or any other self employed business like YouTube etc.

  21. In essence what shes doing is no different than all of the Forex videos of buy/sell arrow indicators… sure they work but *mostly* work at key levels. Shes not showing her TA work that are giving her the green light to take a signal.

    I vlog a ton of live trades with my chart full of indicators! But I dont just take any or all signals, theres a lot more that goes into it than that (levels, session, pair/asset being traded, etc. all are critical)

  22. I’m still learning as well with binary but once that you press call or put it deducts the money from your account. If you win the trade it will give you your money back plus the payout amount. So if the payout is 85% and you trade $100 and win then you’ll get $185 but if you lose you’ll just lose your $100. It’s confusing a little lol but the higher the payout the better. Your face when she placed double trades had me screaming 😂

    1. Makes sense! It’s been years since I looked at anything to do with binary options & haha I didn’t even take in my expression at that part😂 thanks for the video recommendation!

    2. Candice you should watch Christian from BLW trading he does really good in depth videos in binary trading and he just finished his challenge of $100 to $10,000

  23. Im in love with HFX and think if you know how to analyze the markets its super profitable! I do pretty great in binary and I use tradingview for my analysis just like my Forex trading. I think this girl is EXTREMELY risky the way she risks her whole balance at once in some videos, its absolutely insane and Id never do it lol. But she makes it work! Its great entertainment lol. I prefer to compound my account in binary and grow it slowly and safely. Which works great for me! P.S. the indicators have stupid names for real lol. But yes, the alligator indicator actually works like that! lol. With a couple other indicators included, it can be an awesome result. Oh and yes, once you enter the trade, the money is immediately taken from your balance. If the trade is successful, you get back your risked amount + whatever percentage is being paid out for that pair at that time which can range up to 92%. So if you risk $100 and win, you get back $192 (for the most part the common payouts will be between 70-85%). So she lost and then placed multiple trades to recover it all back. Usually, you only place 1 trade at a time and only risk between 1-3% of your account at a time. Also, Binary trading is legal in Canada, we just have to use offshore brokers in order to trade as Canada doesnt allow Canadian binary brokers.

    1. @Candice B Ya her and another Russian girl named Amalia. Although Amalia actually has a great support and resistance MT4 strategy that she uses so I can see why her trades are successful. But check her vids out. She risks her whole balance each trade and its crazy but super entertaining lol. And no prob girl, love your vids!!

    2. Woah, she risks her whole balance sometimes?! Jeesh lol that’s wild. It’s definitely great entertainment. That’s great that your focus is more on safely building your account & thanks for the clarification! ☺️

  24. She is using Bill Williams Alligator.
    When she placed a Call option it means she believes the market will go up. A Put option means the make Will go down. Yes they subtract the amount from her balance when she placed the trades.

    1. Bruh, Candice makes Forex videos, did you really think you needed to explain calls and puts??? Come on mannn.😂😂😂

  25. Check out Ahmad Danial from Malaysia. He kills it mostly using the supply and demand method.

  26. She sped the video up.T hey take the amount then give you back the amount plus the percentage on your winnings. If you lose, the you’ll not get back the percentage and just lose out on what you put up. It’s not about the way to trade, it’s all about getting good at it next timing. Just as fast as you can earn it, you can lose it as fast. Lastly, most well verse Forex traders would be good at Binaries because of how good they’re at entries .

  27. When you call meaning buy what you want to risk on the trade will be taking out until however long you desire to be in the trade and vise versa for put meaning sell. Depending on the broker and pair the payouts vary

  28. There are pros and cons when comparing binary to forex trading. But its a matter of preference when you understand both. When placing a trade on binary you are borrowing the asset at that current price, then the time limit will automatically close your position to complete the trade (this ranges from 30 seconds to 5+ minutes). The broker will buy the asset back at whatever the closing price will be.
    The closing price will determine the result in favour (profit) or it will oppose (loss) it. The advantage is that there are no long waiting periods. Also, on a losing trade, the amount you place will be deducted and nothing more. On profit, the trade amount will be given back plus a percentage (which ranges between about 25% up to 99%). Therefore, limited profits but also limited risk. Knowing FOREX is a huge advantage to switch binary but not knowing anything about reading charts will confuse the heck outta you. Binary is most definitely profitable! Shout Out from South Africa!

  29. Ever seen how alligators are not active till something triggers them? This is probably a dead alligator… Trying not to laugh though 😸

  30. The markets killed me this week lmao feel like I just wanna jump off a bridge, great vid tho

    1. Right there with you fam. Beginning of the month was amazing tho so one bad week wasn’t too bad

    2. Nooo Julius!! You WILL bounce back, take this weekend to review and recover your mindset. You’ve got this👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  31. Hfx is definitely not as simple as it seems…yes you can tripple your account in minutes…. litterally…Ive done it…but you have to know market structure and the Forex fundamentals to be consistently profitable in Hfx….I can say from my experience HFX is like scalping the 1min timeframe on XAU/USD….just that youre on 20-50 standards.

    1. Yea binary options is also known as High frequency trading…to me its like only trading on the 1min chart….what alot of ppl do though is to do their analysis on trading view then enter the trade on pocket option or which ever 1 they choose.

  32. Candice girl you are so funny, your reaction on your face cracked me up😜🤣🤣🤣😜

  33. Actually binary options is the exact same chart and movements that when trading forex since the market is fractal it can be analyzed exactly the same and just have to kinda see what the market is telling you is going to do in the next couple of minutes thats all, if u know how to do it its awesome

    1. @Candice B I understand what u mean. It would be funny if you make a video trying to trade on BO tho (in demo account if you want) just for entertainment 😄

    2. I personally don’t like the time limit aspect of it but I see how it could be analyzed in a similar manner!

    1. @Candice B I am tell you, its like she was trying to have a convo with me in full Russian lol

  34. Candice do you trade with prop firm . Just wondering .
    Have great weekend beautiful.

  35. Euro binary options are insane. You have crazy ways to sculpt your positions and extreme leverage from your broker.

  36. When I started trading I started with Binary Options and I lost money Like realllllllyyyyy bad. Its got a gambling vibe to it. So Put Option (Short) and Call Option (Long) once your order is executed Itll run for a certain time period this can be (30sec, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10 min, etc) so now what happens is that the market has to be below or above your order at the end of the time period and boom you either make or lose money. Sadly it can be manipulated because you can have a trade-in profit the whole time and right before your trade window is about to close the losses definitely bounce in. Super nostalgic moments thank you Candice <3, hope you had an awesome week

    1. Sameee😣 but I totally forgot the whole ‘call’ & ‘put’ notion to it. I can definitely see how it can be manipulated smh. I did thanks, I hope you did as well☺️

  37. Back when I was in the binary options game, I made thousands but it was a way more riskier form of trading, simply because of the quicker rate I would make profits and have that adrenaline push me into making bad entries….but there are wide and varying views on binary options trading…I for one would however never recommend it though….(Dont come for me!!!!! LOL)

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